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full exchange stock

YourThe advertiser's products finance a media campaign

Honda campaign

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To enable the advertiser to launch a media campaign without any cash expenditure.


This model is 100% certain, since the exchange of media space and stock is simultaneous.

This model is risk-free for both the advertiser and the agency: the exchange of media space and the stock is simultaneous.

There are no financial flows, since the sale of the media plan and the sale of the stock are offset.

The plan is proposed and purchased by TEC, and can be approvedvalidated by the media agency.

principle & model

You haveThe advertiser has excess stock or production capacities.

  • You wish to invest in a media campaign but do not have the necessary cash budget.

  • You can finance a media campaign with your stock.

The advertiser wants to invest in a media campaign but has no cash budget.

The advertiser offers stock which TEC values in terms of media space.

TEC values your stock in terms of media space, purchases the stock and proposes a media plan on a full exchange basis, notifying the media agency accordinglyin collaboration with the agency. The sale of the stock finances the media plan.

execution & process



The advertiser uses TEC to finance a media plan on a full exchange basis.

The agency offers the advertiser, which has no budget, a full exchange.







TEC values the stock and proposes a media plan.







TEC presents the advertiser with a simulation and notifies the media agency accordingly.

The agency presents the advertiser with a simulation.







Once approval has been obtained, TEC purchases the stock and provides the media plan.







The media campaign is launched and invoiced for the same amount as the stock invoice.







The 2 invoices can be offset.


TEC values a stock of 20 000 tablets.

TEC and the advertiser will negotiate as to how and when the stock can be resold.

TEC proposes a media plan (gross value).

The media agency and the advertiser approve the proposal.

TEC purchases and provides the media plan and then receives the stock as payment.

The advertiser and TEC invoice each other for the contractually agreed amount.

TEC bills the fees agreed during negotiations, if any.

TEC and the agency bill their fees to the advertiser for an amount to be determined at the time of the commercial proposal.

in short

You finance a media campaign without any budget.

The advertiser has no budget but would like to finance a media campaign.

TEC purchases your stock from the advertiser in exchange for media space.

TEC offers you a media plan in exchange for your stock.

TEC and the agency propose a media plan to the advertiser.

We exchange invoices for the same amount.

TEC and the advertiser invoice each other for the same amount.