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media optimisation

Reduction of yourthe media costs by up to 30%

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To reduce your media cost and generate additional financial resources.

To generate additional financial resources or “savings”, so that the advertiser can optimise its media buying, in order to purchase the agency's services or additional media space.


This model is 100% guaranteedrisk-free for both the advertiser and the agency : TEC first provides the space, in accordance with the media plan and the media agency's terms of sale.

The financial flows between youthe advertiser, the media agency and TEC are 100% in cash. These flows are incorporated into yourthe usual processes.

The “cash back” or “savings” are paid directly to you, or to your suppliers, in orderInstead of paying a cash back directly to the advertiser, the cash back is paid to the agency to enable the advertiser to finance: surveys, special campaigns, data, dashboard, events, sponsorship, promotions, additional media space …

principle & model

TEC provides the products and services to the media by way of barter and makes margins on those sales.

Part of this margin is paid back to you directly, or to your suppliers the advertiser or its agency at the time of resale of that media space.

The space provided by TEC, in agreement with the media, is included in the media plan drawn up by the media agency and approved by you the advertiser.

In general, the amount which can be handled by TEC represents between 10% and 20% of the total media budget.

You make savings ofWe can pay back up to 30% on the amount which is handled by TEC.

execution & process



The proposal

The media agency and TEC examine your media plan in order to assess the possibilities. TEC and the agency present a simulation.

The agency offers an additional optimisation through TEC, in order to increase productivity (“savings” or “cash back”).






Buying the media plan


Once approval has been obtained, the media agency and TEC purchase the plan.

The “savings” or “cash back” enable the advertiser to optimise its media buying. This in turn enables it to finance the agency services or the additional media space.








The orders for inserts are sent in accordance with the choices and trade-offs.

The agency and TEC examine the media plan to assess the possibilities.








The campaign is launched and billed.

The agency presents the advertiser with a simulation.







Buying the media plan

The advertiser pays the agency, which will pay TEC for that part which is handled by TEC.

Once approval has been obtained from the advertiser, the agency and TEC purchase the plan. The orders for inserts are sent, in accordance with any choices and trade-offs by the advertiser.


“Cash back” or “saving”


TEC pays the “cash back” directly to the advertiser or the “savings” to the agency, in order to finance additional services or additional media space.

The campaign is launched and billed. The advertiser pays its agency, which in turn pays TEC for that part which was handled by TEC. TEC pays back the agreed amount to the agency (“savings”) to finance new purchases or directly to the advertiser (“cash back”).


TEC and the media agency isolate €250K of media space buying (TV, radio, press, internet, posters, cinema) which can be handled by TEC.

TEC and the media agency negotiate with the advertising networks which accept the €250K through TEC.

The advertising networks, which accept the €250K from TEC, provide the advertising space and then bill.

The advertiser pays its agency for the whole of the media plan, including the €250K for TEC.

The media agency pays TEC for the €250K.

TEC pays back to the advertiser directly an amount of up to €75K (“cash back”) or pays back to the agency an amount of up to €75K (“savings”).

The “savings” may be used to finance: : special campaigns, agency services, promotions, additional media space...

The “savings” and/or the “cash back” come withinpaid is an amount which must be included in the productivity targets.

in short

TEC provides media space.

TEC has media assets which are resold to the advertiser.

You pay your agency after the distribution or publication.

TEC pays back the "cash back" or "savings".

TEC pays the savings back to the agency or pays the cash back to the advertiser.

Either you keep the cash back by way of optimisation, or, thanks to the savings, you finance services (special campaigns, agency services, surveys, promotions...) or additional media space.

Thanks to the savings, the agency provides the advertiser with a financing solution for surveys, special campaigns, data, dashboard… or offers additional media space.